Host a Chandalika house party


Have you ever thought of hosting an Indian-themed evening? Indian food, maybe Indian dress code, ... ?

Why not invite friends and neighbours to a house party centred on a screening of Chandalika?

All you need is the Dynamo Player version of Chandalika and a home cinema or home theatre system with a projector or a large-screen TV. For now, only the English version of Chandalika is available.

The automated system at takes care of the usual headache of sending out e-mail invitations and keeping track of who is and isn’t coming.

It’s up to you how you structure your Chandalika house party. Remember that Chandalika is a drama, not an upbeat “Bollywood” dance spectacular. It’s more likely to appeal to people interested in Indian culture, dance, ballet and/or opera.

Chandalika has a running time of 73 minutes. So you could have drinks/snacks before or after the film. Either way, please allow 20 minutes or so after the screening to give people a chance to discuss what they thought of Chandalika. Depending on your technical setup and on their availability at the time of your screening, Kaberi and Obhi would be happy to take part in a live question-and-answer video chat by Skype or iChat - please ask.

Note: If you decide to host a Chandalika house party, please bear in mind that you, and not Inner Eye Ltd, will be responsible for the safety of your guests and any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage to property or guests arising from the screening. Please take whatever precautions you feel are necessary to make your Chandalika screening enjoyable for all, including yourself.