References – the film


This page offers the references for the information mentioned in You must be nuts!

Breakfast scene:

Alph – “Did you know that people start to develop dementia 10-20 years before the symptoms become obvious?”

US NIH – Alzheimer’s Disease: the challenge of the second century

Guardian – How to keep your brain healthy

Chah-Lee – “Look at all the low fat food they sell.”  Alph – “That’s probably the most unhealthy stuff they sell.”

Telegraph – Low fat foods stuffed with ‘harmful’ levels of sugar

Authority Nutrition – 7 ways the low fat diet destroys your health

Excerpt from the documentary Fat Head by Tom Naughton:

Interview with Tom Naughton by Sam Feltham for Smash the Fat:

Fat Head Follow-up by Tom Naughton (January 2013):

Video of Tom Naughton’s Big Fat Fiasco speech

To be continued …

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