Mar 032014

From now on, we intend to publish an interview segment each day until they are all published – that should take us until early April.

As some leading doctors in the UK are demanding an end to the widespread prescription of statin drugs, we thought we would publish the segments of the interviews for You must be nuts! where our interviewees talked about statin drugs. In the fourth part of our interview with medical journalist, Jerome Burne, he draws attention to the increased risk of diabetes from taking statin drugs and the implications for dementia.

Jan 082014
Justin Smith, Producer/Director of Statin Nation

This is the first part of our interview with Justin Smith, Producer/Director of the investigative documentary Statin Nation. In it, he explains the background to his decision to make Statin Nation.

Since we filmed the interview, with the backing of a crowd-funding campaign which reached its initial target in record time, Justin has started to make Statin Nation II.

A few days ago, he published the first intro clip from Statin Nation II, which looks at the new cholesterol guidelines introduced in the US last month.

Apparently, these new guidelines are set to double the number of people taking statin medications.

The crowd-funding campaign to finance Statin Nation II is now close to its second target. If you want to see the rewards on offer and contribute to the crowd-funding campaign, visit the Statin Nation II web page.

Coming soon: Part 2 of our interview with Justin Smith, in which he explains why he thinks that there has been ‘consistent misinformation about what constitutes healthy eating’.