Why I decided to make ‘You must be nuts!’

My father on 4 May 2013

My father laying flowers at the bust of Rabindranath Tagore in the garden of Shakespeare’s Birthplace on 4 May 2013

The reason is quite simple: I wanted to share the information which I’ve been gathering while trying to treat my father’s dementia. By doing so, I hope to help others to avoid having to go through what my father has had to suffer … because what I have found – too late for my father, sadly – is that dementia is entirely preventible.

Until we started interviewing specialists for the film, I had found all the information online. However, the information is widely dispersed and often plagued by sceptical comments from ‘internet trolls‘. As a result, popular misconceptions persist, probably thanks to commercial interests.

For example, many people think Alzheimer’s is widespread today because people are living longer. In reality, Alzheimer’s/dementia hardly existed in 1960 even among 85-year-olds and the dramatic rise in incidence since then has been proven to have nothing to do with longevity.

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