Patrick Holford: What could prevent Alzheimer’s

While we put the finishing touches to You must be nuts!, we will gradually upload the full interviews we have filmed with Jerome Burne, Paul Burstow MP, Patrick Holford, Dr Stephanie Seneff and Justin Smith. They will be embedded on the interviews page of this website for future reference.

Regrettably, we are not able to include the full interviews in the film itself. However, by posting the full interviews here, this should allow those interested in knowing more to access the full and detailed explanations provided by our interviewees, who kindly gave us their time to contribute to the film.

This is the first part of our interview with Patrick Holford for You must be nuts! In it, he explains what he thinks could prevent Alzheimer’s.

Apart from being the chief executive of the Food for the Brain Foundation, Patrick Holford is the author of The Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan , as well as 34 other books in the field of nutrition medicine and psychiatry.

2 thought on “Patrick Holford: What could prevent Alzheimer’s”

  1. clare turner says:

    Coconut/lauric acid is recommended as part of the treatment of Borreliosis/Lyme Disease. Have you researched how many deaths from Alzheimer’s are due to Neuroborreliose?

    1. obhi says:

      Thanks, Clare. I’ll see if a friend who has written a book about living with Lyme Disease could comment here.

      Coconut oil is thought to benefit neurological problems. Part of the explanation is in the first part of the interview with medical journalist Jerome Burne we’ve just posted. He gives more details in the second part we’ll be publishing in a couple of days.

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