Films and books on related topics

The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz


Cereal Killers – Don’t Fear Fat

Cereal Killers 2 – Run On Fat

Fat Head – We’ve been fed a load of bologna

Fed Up

Food Inc

Food Matters

Grain Brain by Dr David Perlmutter

Heart of the matter – Part 1: Dietary villains

Heart of the Matter Part 1 Dietary Villains from Michael Eades on Vimeo.

Heart of the matter – Part 2: The cholesterol drug war

How bad science and big business created the obesity epidemic – Professor David Diamond

Hungry for Change – Your health is in your hands

Low carb diet – fat or fiction

The secrets of sugar

Seeds of death by Gary Null

Statin Nation – The great cholesterol cover-up

Statin Nation II – What really causes heart disease?

Sugar: the bitter truth by Dr Robert Lustig

Tamiflu: the new data

Toxic sugar?

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