Kaberi’s Indian dance workout

Kaberi's Indian dance workout artwork
Album cover: Kaberi’s Indian dance workout

This double album contains the music from Kaberi’s Indian dance workout, which was originally released as an interactive DVD. One album is with the commentary, for those wishing to do the workout without watching a screen, while the other is without the commentary, for those who wish to listen to the calming music composed and performed by Obhi Chatterjee. The music is inspired by songs by Rabindranath Tagore and by Indian classical music.

Album 1 – with commentary:

1 Daily workout commentary
2 Opening pranaam commentary
3 Flexibility commentary
4 Agility commentary
5 Rhythm commentary
6 Grace commentary
7 Energy commentary
8 Cool down commentary
9 Closing pranaam commentary

Album 2 – music only:

1 Daily workout music
2 Flexibility music
3 Agility music
4 Rhythm music
5 Grace music
6 Energy music
7 Cool down music
8 Choreography music

The album is available from online music stores such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

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